Axiom Employee Survey 2015


Customer Prospective Insights have been employed by Axiom to perform an independent and confidential on-line questionnaire of their employees.

JP Green, President, states:
“Our employees are Axiom and so your views on the work place are important to myself and the management team.  We want to provide you with the best working environment and the first step towards this is to gather anonymous feedback from you via this short questionnaire.

We are working with our Customer Experience Program Partner, locally based Customer Perception Insights, to gather this data and look forward to your thoughts and concerns over making Axiom the best destination for members here in the Treasure Valley.

I hope that you will help us to continue to improve Axiom!
JP Green, Axiom President”

Please fill out the following questionnaire and if you have any questions please contact us here at CPI and not Axiom.