Stop Guessing – Ask Your Customers

How do my employees interact with our customers?

Are we losing money due to our Customer Service?

How does our customer service compare to our competition?

Are our customers raving OR complaining about us?

Would capturing customer feedback instantly be valuable information?

CPI Data Helps You . . .

Understand what your customers’ perceptions are about their experience.

Evolve your business to meet your customer’s expectations and needs.

Make decisions based on collected data to improve the customer experience and retain customers.

Develop a plan of action or establish training to create  a culture of customer service in your business.

Gain a competitive advantage over your competition.

What Our Clients are Saying

The benefit of CPI to Axiom is that the Mystery Shopping program makes sure that our staff always have their best foot forward as they never know who the Mystery Shopper is; It removes the complacency from the team. It also allows the management team to have transparency over the service that the customer receives as the service level can change depending on whether a manager is present or not. The data provided is from the real world and helps highlight both the best and worst in an employees interaction with a member.

A successful business needs to ‘“Inspect what you Expect” and we are amazed at the results we can achieve by knowing/measuring where we are compared to our goal.’.  We expect our employees to provide exceptional service to our customers and CPI provides us with the tools, via their monthly Mystery Shop program, to independently inspect the business.

CPI allows us to make sure that the customer experience matches both our clients and Dillabaugh’s expectations.  We use the information as a training tool to not only understand what to do, but also what not to do when interacting with the customer.  Treating the customer is very important to Dillabaugh’s and CPI provides us the real data to allow my team to get this right as well provide accountability within our Sales Professionals as to how well they follow the Sales Process.

Customer Experience By Design

Use reliable customer insights to design the customer experience to meet or exceed customer expectations. The result is an increase in customer satisfaction, loyalty and ultimately a competitive advantage.

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