We asked 3 simple questions of our shoppers and here are some responses.

Two reasons. One I find it interesting to see how companies truly want to understand what their employees are really doing everyday. Two, is really understanding the business owner’s expectations of their staff or employees, have they set the expectations?

Note: A lot of business owners are not aware of the kind of service their employees are actually providing unless there is a “complaint” made within the store or business that brings it to a head.

Business Owners: Would you like to get one step ahead of this?

I was in a restaurant recently that was very busy, yet my server treated me as though I was her only customer. Her service was above and beyond and I felt when I left that they treated me like I wanted to be treated while eating in that establishment. I went as far as letting her manager know the kind of service I received was exceptional and he was quite surprised I took the time to mention that to him.

Note: The response from her manager was “usually when a customer wants to speak to the manager it is because something went wrong.”

Business Owners: Have you ever seen the bumper sticker that says “Call this number if my driving is great!”? We provide you with positive feedback too!

They truly get a “real-time” understanding of how their employees are performing, and how their business is being perceived by the public from a customer service standpoint. Note: A lot of business owners do not know how their staff/employees are performing and feedback from Customer Perception Insights gives them just that.

Business Owners: The Customer Experience begins with the employees knowing what is expected of them. You need data to set the bar correctly.